A Day on Daufuskie

Hop in your golf cart and take a ride. Every day offers a new surprise.  
Music on video is courtesy of Charles Wood. Charles, the  nephew of Daufuskie Island residents Lew and Louise Royal, was the 1999 National Banjo Champion. Occasionally Charles treats the island to his talents and plays a gig at  Marshside Mamas.  

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  1. What a fabulous video! This really captures the spirit and beauty of our special island! And Charles Woods’ banjo accompaniment is wonderful! Thanks for producing this tribute to Daufuskie…I can’t wait to share with family and friends!

    • Thanks,Deb! There are so many wonderful Daufuskie Days, I think I could create a video a day and each one would have entirely different yet equally beautiful scenes! If you have “eyes to see,” there is a new show on the island every day. I look forward to seeing others’ interpretations of their “Day on Daufuskie!”

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