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The Daufuskie Island Code

The Daufuskie Island Code and Regulating Plan is the official zoning ordinance and map for Daufuskie Island. The document was created as an appendix to the Beaufort County Zoning and Development Standards (ZDSO).

1.1.3. The appendix was adopted as an instrument of implementation for the Community Objectives and Recommendations of the Daufuskie Island Comprehensive Plan, as amended the “Daufuskie Island Plan”. The Daufuskie Island Plan was adopted by Beaufort County in August 2010.

The Code is broken down into sections and can be viewed by clicking on links below:


Section One: Procedures

Section Two: General to All Development

Section Three: Conservation Transect Zones

Section Four: Urban Transect Zones

Section Five: Use Table Definitions

Section SIx: Daufuskie Archetypes

Section Seven: Architectural Standards

Section Eight: General Definitions

Section Nine: Comprehensive Waiver List


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