Just the Basics

Daufuskie Island Data

Daufuskie means “Land with a Point.” “Daufa” means feather and “Fuskie” means sharp or pointed. According to Billie Burn’s book, An Island Name Daufuskie, “the first Indians who saw it noticed that it had a point—reminding them of a feather which had been trimmed to a point.”

  • 5 miles long by 2.7 miles wide
  • 5,000 acres
  • 3.5 miles beachfront
  • 6 “neighborhoods”: Bloody Point, Haig Point, Historic District (includes many smaller neighborhoods), Melrose, Oak Ridge, Webb Tract (undeveloped)
  • 3 golf courses: Melrose, Bloody Point, Haig Point
  • 4 public restaurants: Eagle’s Nest at Bloody Point, Marshside Mama’s, Melrose Beach Club (opening soon), Old Daufuskie Crab Company
  • 1 conference center at Melrose on the Beach
  • 5 community docks: County Dock, Melrose Landing, Freeport, Haig Point, Bloody Point
  • About 1,000 residents: 400+ full -time plus 600+ part-time
  • In 2007, about 225,000 visitors a year (current numbers not available)
  • 0 bridges to the mainland
  • 1 Fire Station and EMS (911)
  • 1 public elementary school with 2 teachers and average total 15 to 18 students in grades Pre-K to 5
  • 0 banks/ATM machines
  • 0 traffic lights
  • 0 full service grocery stores (3 small stores with limited groceries at Freeport, Eagle’s Nest and County Dock)
  • 2 gas pumps (Freeport and back of Melrose at Admin Center)
  • 1 library, 1 church, 1 museum



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