The Mystery of Maggie’s Ghost

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Haig Point Lighthouse 1885

Haig Point Lighthouse 1885

If you’ve spent any time on Daufuskie, chances are you’ve heard about Maggie. She’s the legendary ghost who is said to live in the Haig Point Lighthouse.

Recently I dressed up as Maggie’s Ghost for an event some of the Golf Ladies were hosting at Haig Point. I can’t say that I have seen Maggie, but I can tell you that when I was standing on the front porch of the Haig Point Lighthouse waiting for the golfers to arrive, something happened that convinced me her spirit might really be hanging around.

I was enjoying the view of the Calibogue Sound, considering what it must have been like to live in this house when Maggie did in the late 1800s. The day was calm, no one was around except some landscape people who were blowing leaves from the yard. After they left, I was all alone with my thoughts. Suddenly I heard a huge BANG! that sounded as if it came from the back of the house. It was so loud, I jumped up and ran around to the back of the house to see what had happened. I assumed the landscape people were still on the property and this loud noise came from them.  When I discovered they were long gone, I heard the noise again. I looked up in the direction of the sound which was, I discovered, coming from the Lighthouse tower. Was Maggie giving me a warning, letting me know that she knew I was there? I felt as if she  was saying to me,  “I see you, do you see me?”

If you want to know more about Maggie, Click Here to get her history, including stories told by others who claim to have had encounters with Maggie and other spirits in the Haig Point Lighthouse.

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