Daufuskie Island Timeline

* 1664 English Captain William Hilton sails to the Carolina Coast. From his log, My Voyage to Carolina Coast 1644: “The air is clear and sweet, the country very pleasant and delightful, we wish that all they, wanting a happy settlement were well transported here.”

* 1664 Arrival of Yemassee Indians to Daufuskie, replacing peaceful Cusabo Indians.

* 1707 First known British Land Grant of Daufuskie Island to Thomas Cowte, November 15th.

* 1715 Indian allies of the Spanish, like the Yemassee, are rewarded for raiding English settlements up the coast. During one such sortie on Daufuskie, a patrol of English scouts surprises the Indian party near the southern tip of the Island. The deadly skirmish on the beach earns the land a name it holds to this day: .

* 1781 Daufuskie Tory Loyalists stage attack of Hilton Head’s Skull Creek Plantations.

* 1781 Revolutionary War Patriots of Hilton Head form the Bloody Legion and retaliate in an ambush of homes on Daufuskie Island.

* 1836 John Stoddard marries Mary Mongin, granddaughter of wealthy Daufuskie planter “Money” Mongin. They are married in Paris and honeymoon in Scotland where they are enchanted with the gardens at Melrose Abbey, Melrose Scotland.

* 1848 Melrose Mansion is completed on the Stoddard-Mongin plantation.

* 1862 Daufuskie Island is occupied by Union forces. Captain John Monroe spares the beautiful Melrose Mansion and stations a corporal and guard to show guests about.

* 1893 Melrose Mansion withstands the great storm of 1893 but the lovely Flower Gardens are completely destroyed.

* 1900 The turn of the century sees Daufuskie at the height of its prosperity. The Island flourishes with its economy based upon the sale of Sea Island cotton, indigo, lumber, farm goods and oysters.

* 1912 The Melrose Mansion is destroyed by fire.

* 1920 By the 1920’s the boll weevil brings an end to the cotton plantations but the oyster industry is becoming very prosperous.

* 1930 The 1930’s Depression causes many residents to leave the island is search of work. Still, there are approximately 300 residents working in connection with the oyster canneries.

* 1943 During World War II, it is necessary for the shore along the east coast to be guarded. The U.S. Coast Guard has a station at Melrose. Coast Guardsmen live in the “Boat House” with trained dogs, and telephone wires are strung in the trees along the six-mile stretch of beach.

* 1950 The pollution of the Savannah River forces the oyster beds to close; the canneries soon follow, marking the end of yet another era.

* 1971 The Stoddard brothers, Dan and Henry III, sell Melrose’s 700 acres. The Stoddard reign on Daufuskie comes to an end.

* 1974 The movie Conrack is filmed. It is based on author Pat Conroy’s experiences as a teacher on Daufuskie Island, and is taken from his book, The Water Is Wide.

* 1980 Charles L. Cauthen and investor group purchase half of Daufsukie Island (,Webb and Oakridge plantations).

* 1984 International Paper purchases Haig Point and begins development and sales in 1986.

* 1987 Developers establish the Melrose Club.

* 1991 The Bloody Point Club is established.

* 1997 Club Corporation of America, through a subsidiary, acquires and and establishes the Daufuskie Island Club & Resort, opened to the public February of that year.

* 2000 CCA completes construction of The Island House, a “state-of-the-art” conference center at Melrose capable of handling meetings of up to 400 people.

* 2002 Tiburon Hospitality principals acquire the Daufuskie Island Club & Resort from Club Corporation of America. Upon completion of a new spa, the resort name is changed to the Daufuskie Island Resort and Breathe Spa.


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